Healthy Soil, Healthy People

Health & Wealth: Growing Food High in Nutrients

Webinar Host
Host: John Stanton,

John is the founder of The Stanton Group WP, and serves as the primary advisor for clients, focusing on financial planning and the investment strategies to support the financial plan.

He is dedicated to helping clients develop objective financial plans and investment strategies, through traditional research and risk management.  More information on John, and the team, can be found here:

Webinar Host
Donna Holmes

Donna is Senior Vice President,  Investor Relations,  with Iroquois Valley Farmland REIT.  

Donna is passionate about creating an opportunity for all people to reap the health benefits of nutritional food, grown in a sustainable and socially just society. 

More information on Donna,  and the Iroquois Valley team,  can be found here: